The protocol for active liquidity management

Access active liquidity management on Uniswap v3. Gamma has developed a protocol, a management infrastructure, and a variety of strategies used by managers and market makers.


Permissionless management infrastructure for active liquidity


Automate position management with an active strategy framework

Non Custodial

Only depositors have the ability to withdraw the funds deposited

Liquidity Mining

Gamma-managed LP positions are ERC-20, used by LM contracts


Our contracts and management infrastructure are deployed on L2

All Pairs

A hypervisor can be deployed for any pair and fee tier on Uniswap


Each hypervisor mints fractional LP tokens similar to Uniswap v2

High APR

LP actively on concentrated AMM's

As an LP you can deposit your assets for Gamma to actively manage in Uniswap v3 positions, returning yield in the asset you deposit.


Liquidity Deposited


Uniswap v3 Pairs


Compatible on L2's


DeFi Partners
TVL growth

$30M+ deposited liquidity

Since Gamma started actively managing Uniswap v3 positions in Q1 of 2021 over $30M has been deposited and deployed in various strategies on Uniswap v3.


We are managers of liquidity
for the leading DeFi protocols

Many DeFi projects have taken advantage of Gamma's active management in order to achieve capital efficient liquidity and  reduction of slippage for their token pairs on Uniswap v3

protocol revenue

Earn yield from Gamma's performance

By staking Gamma's token, $GAMMA you can receive access to the management fees distributed daily to all stakers.

Stake $GAMMA

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